Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Flowers in parchment

Well after having had the parchment starter kit since last November I've finally found the time, and courage, to have a go after buying a a floral plate at the Northern Papercraft show in York. I won't say its my absolute first attempt because I had a practice with the starter kit (which was a disaster) and then did a practice piece similar to the one below, but it's my first finished piece and you have to do some practicing don't you. I'm not completely happy with the outcome but for a new starter I don't think its too shabby.

I really enjoyed making this card and have since joined the Groovi Design club because it's something I know I want to do more of.  

I am entering this for the Clarity Blog Challenge.  I hope it fits the theme of masking as I used the plate to extend the design and covered over both the outer frame and the word banner.  If I had been stamping the design I would have had to use a mask.  

The thing I've discovered I need to practice most is the white work because I feel I am being too heavy handed/impatient, and setting the word banner was quite challenging as well having to work backwords but it looked presentable enough in the end I think.  

I hope you like this card any comments, tips etc will be very welcome.


  1. A very pretty parchment card. Thank you for taking the time to enter the challenge and the best of luck. Xx

  2. Nice parchment lovely colours good luck in the clarity challenge x

  3. This is lovely Stephanie,didn't recognise the flower but I will have to put it on my wishlist having seen your sample. Good luck in the challenge xx

  4. Excellent Stephanie. What a lovely card. You are doing ok with your Groovi Kit. A little tip for white work. Use the ball tool that fits into the area. Use gentle even strokes going up and down while letting your ball tool travel from one side to the other. Do this a few times and you will see it build up. This will help you achieve a smooth effect on areas that you want to be white and not just individual strokes. Your flowers look great, it is only on the little bits that turn over that I would have 'whitened' more. Your banner is brilliant.
    Wishing you the best of luck in the challenge. Hugs xxx

    1. Thanks Emma that's so encouraging. I know I need to practice the white work technique as I know I am being too heavy handed. Also not sure I should have coloured the flowers and banner or used a lighter background as the dark purple seemed to dull down the effect if that makes sense. I'll keep practicing.


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